Pamlico Hurricanes Booster Club, Inc.

The Pamlico Hurricanes Booster Club, Inc. is a non-profit organization formed over 25 years ago by parents and community members who wanted to help improve the athletic facilities at Pamlico County High School and at the other schools in the system.

The Booster Club is dedicated to supporting our student athletes. We provide financial assistance by upgrading playing fields, by assisting with the purchase of supplies and equipment, and by providing financial assistance to enable individual athletes to attend special training programs and camps.

The Booster Club has accomplished some fantastic things over the years! Our athletic facilities have been hailed as some of the best 1A fields in the state and are better than most 2A and 3A fields in our area.

The Booster Club offers a scholarship each year to a student athlete who has earned a letter in at least one sport and has maintained a credible academic record. The Scholarship Fund was established when Booster Club founder and long-time supporter Bill Harris passed away. His wife, Brenda, wanted to honor his memory each year by awarding this scholarship through the Booster Club. When this scholarship was first initiated, we could only offer a student athlete $1000.00. Throughout the years, and thanks to funds generated by the Oriental Cup Regatta, this amount has been increased to over $5,000.00!

At the present date, our club has over 50 Corporate Sponsors who contribute $300 each year and more than 10 Super Booster Sponsors who contribute $100 each year. We also have a loyal group of general members.